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Peter Drax Series Character: Chief Inspector Thompson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Peter Drax Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder by Chance Hutchinson 1935 Scuppering a ship for the insurance money
He Shot to Kill Hutchinson 1936 Murder and a fortune in gold bullion
Death by Two Hands Hutchinson 1937 US: Appleton 1938 as
Crime Within Crime
Local crime boss goes up against Scotland Yard
Murder by Proxy Hutchinson 1937
Tune to a Corpse Hutchinson 1938 US: Appleton 1939 as
Crime to Music
A murder mystery book set in London, England
High Seas Murder Hutchinson 1939 Inspector Pollitt and murder, a maritime mystery
Sing a Song of Murder Hutchinson 1944 A robbery of valuable silver turns into murder

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Peter Drax Author Biography - Information About the Author
Peter Drax is a pseudonym of Eric Elvington Addis, he's Hubin listed and his main series character is Chief Inspector Thompson of Scotland Yard.
First edition books in dust jacket are rare, all of them, we've only ever handled one I believe.
The books were not issued in paperback at the time
Some books have been recently reissued by Dean Street Press in an attractive series which is great to see and a real bonus for readers.

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