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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Woman in the Wardrobe Evans 1951 DW 8/6
How Doth the Little Crocodile Evans 1952 DW 9/6. US: 1957 Macmillan
Withered Murder Gollancz 1955 US: 1956 Macmillan
The Wicker Man Crown 1978 UK: 1979 Hamlyn
Absolution Corgi 1979  

Further Information
Peter Antony, pseudonym for the twin brothers Anthony and Peter Shaffer, born in Liverpool 15 May 1926. Both educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. As well as the above they also wrote numerous stage and television plays. The series character for the mystery books was Mr Verity. Some of the books were issued under their joint real names. Whilst the plotting and backgrounds are pretty much what we are used to elsewhere, the dialogue is what sets them apart. Sparkling, dry and humorous.


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