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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Long Overcoat Boardman 1957
The Scarlet Cloak Boardman 1958
The Grey Sombrero Boardman 1958 US edition: 1958 Roy
The Black Beret Boardman 1959 US edition: 1959 Roy
The Purple Dressing Gown Boardman 1960 Reprinted by Icon Books, 1961
The Green Scarf Boardman 1961
The Red Stockings Boardman 1962
The Yellow Trousers Boardman 1963 US edition: 1963 Roy
The Thick Blue Sweater Boardman 1964 US edition: 1964 Roy
The Paint Stained Flannels Boardman 1965 US edition: 1965 Roy
The Orange Necktie Boardman 1966 Hubin calls for 1968, reference libraries disagree
The Bright Green Waistcoat John Long 1967 US edition: 1967 Roy
The Brown suede Jacket John Long 1968 US edition: 1968 Roy
The White Crash Helmet John Long 1969 US edition: 1969 Roy
The Black Cotton Gloves John Long 1970

Pete Fry Biography - Information About the Author
Pete Fry is a pseudonym of James Cliffor King born 1914.
The TV Boardman titles were part of the wonderful Bloodhound Mysteries many graced with superb period artwork on the dust jackets.
Collectors shouldn't find prices too prohibitive and whilst not common books some perseverance should yield a full set of first editions in dustwrappers. One fly in the ointment is former public library books, a large percentage of the British Bloodhound series went to public libraries.


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