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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Wolves in the City Simon & Schuster 1970 The death of French Algeria
UK: Rupert Hart-Davis 1971
The UK edition sees the author's name misspelt
"Paul Henisart" on spine of book
Narrow Exit Simon & Schuster 1973 US dust jacket artist Roger Hane
UK: Hutchinson 1974
UK paperback Arrow Books 1976
American softcover Pocket Books 1978
Winter Quarry Hutchinson 1976 US: Simon & Schuster 1977 as
The Winter Spy
Margin of Error Hutchinson 1980 US: Simon & Schuster 1980
UK paperback Arrow Books 1981
American softcover Pocket Books 1981

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Paul Henissart Author Biography - Information About the Author
Paul Henri Henissart was born in 1923 and is a HUbin listed mystery author.
Henissart is one of those marginal HUbin authors, his work being more Cold War espionage and thriller rather than pure crime fiction.
His first book, Wolves in the City an account of the French colonnial war in Algeria, is highly regarded, uncommon in dust wrapper and collectable. The other books should be relatively easy to find (fine collectors copies not so easy), online at least and very reasonably priced.
Note in the bibliography some American publicatione precede the British

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