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Paul Durst Series Character: Michael Carmichael

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Paul Durst Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Rookie's Ruse 1951 In Short Stories Magazine
Bloody River World's Work 1955 157 pages ; (8)
Guns of Circle 8 Mills & Boon 1955 As Jeff Cochran (A Diamond Western)
Die, Damn You ! Mills & Boon 1955 190 pages ; (8) (Western book)
My Deadly Angel Fawcett Publications 1956 As John Chelton
Kid from Canadian World's Work 1956 173 pages ; (8)
The River Flows West John Long 1957
Ambush at North Platte John Long 1957
Prairie Reckoning Fawcett 1957
Dead Man's Range Robert Hale 1958 Reissued 2009, A black horse western
They Want Me Dead Herbert Jenkins 1958 As Peter Bannon
If I Should Die Herbert Jenkins 1958 As Peter Bannon
Dead Man's Range ? 1958
Johnny Nation Mills & Boon 1960 BL also has Brown, Watson [1960]
Whisper Murder Softly Herbert Jenkins 1963 As Peter Bannon
Backlash Cassell 1967
Badge of Infamy Cassell 1968
Intended Treason W.H. Allen 1970 What really happened in the Gunpowder Plot
A Roomful of Shadows Dobson 1975
Paradiso County Robert Hale 1986

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Paul Durst Author Biography - Information About the Author
Paul Durst, born 1921, is listed in Hubin's crime and mystery book guide.
Most of the books listed in this Paul Durst bibliographt are not actually crime fiction, Hubin lists only three books, but in order to provide a complete list of books we've included everything held by the British Library and the Bodleian at Oxford.
We've also included all known pseudonyms: Peter Bannon - John Chelton - Jeff Cochran.

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