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Paul Denver Series Character: Frank Cannon - TV Show

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Paul Denver Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Black Stockings for Chelsea World Distributors 1963
The Last Laugh . . . World Distributors 1965 and No pictures for Cathy!
Radio Caroline Annual Spectre Promotions Edited by Paul Denver
Send Me No Lillies Consul 1965
Dead on Time World Distributors 1965
Striptease for Murder Consul 1965
I've Got You Covered World Distributors 1965 Not in the BL. A BBC TV tie-in
The Golden Bullet World Distributors 1973 A triphammer thriller
The Deadly Chancde World Distributors 1973 Not in the British Library
Cannon Star Books 1975
Cannon, the Falling Blonde Star Books 1975 William Conrad as Frank Cannon on cover
Cannon : It's Lonely on the Sidewalk W.H. Allen 1976

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Paul Denver Author Biography - Information About the Author
Paul Denver is a pseudonym and most the books listed here are novelizations based on the TV series Cannon.
Most of Paul Denver's books can be found for sale online and are modestly priced.
One or two would appear to be quite rare though. I Believe all of the books to be paperback originals, PBOs, that is to say not hardback first edition book published.
Many are published in conjunction with the BBC who aired the Cannon television show in Britain.
It was an American TV show though I can find no record of Paul Denver's books being published in the USA either in the Library of Congress or for sale online.

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