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The following Patrick Quentin - Q Patrick - Jonathan Stagge bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Patrick Quentin

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Puzzle for Fools Schuster 1936 UK: 1936 Gollancz. Dust jacket 7/6
Puzzle for Players Ditto 1939 UK: 1939 Gollancz as are the rest. Wrapper 7/6
Puzzle for Puppets Simon 1944 UK: 1944. DJ 7/6
Puzzle for Wantons Ditto 1945 UK: 1946. DJ 8/6
Puzzle for Fiends Ditto 1946 UK: 1947. DJ 8/6
Puzzle for Pilgrims Schuster 1947 UK: March 1948. DJ 8/6
Run to Death Ditto 1948 UK: Sept 1948. DJ 8/6
The Follower. Ditto 1950 UK: 1950. DJ 8/6
Black Widow Ditto 1952 UK: 1953 as Fatal Woman
My Son, The Murderer Schuster 1954 UK: 1954 as The Wife of Ronald Sheldon
The Man with Two Wives Ditto 1955 UK: 1955
The Man in the Net Ditto 1956 UK: 1956
Suspicious Circumstances Schuster 1957 UK: 1957
Shadow of Guilt Random 1956 UK: 1959
The Green-Eyed Monster Random 1960 UK: 1960
Family Skeletons Random 1965 UK: 1965

Q Patrick

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Cottage Sinister Swain 1931 UK: Sept 1932 Longmans. 7/6
By Webb and Kelley
Murder at Women's City Club Swain 1932 UK: Death in the Dovecote
By Webb and Kelley
Cassell May 1934. DJ 7/6
Murder at Cambridge Farrar 1933 UK: as Murder at the Varsity
Feb 1933 Longmans. 7/6
S.S. Murder Farrar 1933 UK: Nov 1933 Cassell. DJ 7/6
The Grindle Nightmare Hartney 1935 UK: 1935 Cassell
as Darker Grows the Valley by
Webb and Aswell
Death Goes to School Smith Jan 1936 UK: 1936 Cassell . DJ 7/6
Death for Dear Clara Schuster 1936 UK: 1937 Cassell  . DJ 7/6
The File on Fenton and Farr Morrow 1937 UK: March 1938 Jarrolds . DJ 5/-
The File on Claudia Cragge Morrow 1938 UK: Nov 1938 Jarrolds . DJ 5/-
Death and the Maiden Schuster 1939 UK: 1939 Cassell. DJ 7/6
Return to the Scene Schuster 1941 UK: 1941 Cassell
as Death in Bermuda. Not in ECB
Danger Next Door Cassell. 1952 No US edition

Jonathan Stagge

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder Gone to Earth Michael Joseph 1936 US: 1937 Doubleday
as The Dogs Do Bark
. DJ 7/6
Murder or Mercy Ditto 1937 US: 1938 Doubleday
as Murder by Prescription
. DJ 7/6
The Stars Spell Death Doubleday 1939 UK: March 1940 Michael Joseph
as Murder in the Stars
. DJ 8/3
Turn of the Table Ditto 1940 UK: Nov 1940 Michael Joseph
as Funeral for Five
. DJ 8/6
The Yellow Taxi Doubleday 1942 UK: 1942 Michael Joseph
as Call a Hearse
. DJ 8/6
The Scarlet Circle Ditto 1943 UK: 1943 Michael Joseph
as Light from a Lantern
. DJ 8/6
Death My Darling Daughters Ditto 1945 UK: 1946 Michael Joseph
as Death and the Dear Girls
. DJ 8/6
Death's Old Sweet Song Ditto 1946 UK: 1947 Michael Joseph. DJ 8/6
The Three Fears Doubleday 1949 UK: 1949 Michael Joseph. DJ 8/6

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Further Information
Patrick Quentin is a pseudonym for Hugh Wheeler and a collaborative name with Richard Wilson Webb to 1952, this collaboration also extended to the other pseudonyms listed. The main series characters are Peter Duluth and Lieutenant Timothy Trant. Stagge had Dr Hugh Westlake who appeared in all the titles under that name. There were numerous short, uncollected, stories under the Q Patrick name and a non-criminous title, The Crippled Muse using the name Hugh Wheeler, which was also used for a series of plays and screenplay. Some titles were changed for paperbacks issued by Pocket Books in the US.

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