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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man Who Knew Herbert Jenkins 1925 Dust jacket 7/6
The Inevitable Crime As Above 1926 Dustwrapper 7/6
Outside the Law As Above 1927 Mar 27. Dust cover 7/6
Gentlemen of the Jury As Above 1927 Oct 27. DW 7/6
The Dalmayne Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1928 Sept 28. DW 7/6
The Island of Atonement Selwyn 1928 Not in the ECB
By Foul Means Stanley Paul 1928 Nov 28. DW 7/6
The Crime at Grandison Hall Stanley Paul 1929 June 29. DW 7/6
The Barronwell Mystery Stanley Paul 1929 Oct 29. DW 7/6
Murder Will Out Herbert Jenkins 1930 May 30. DW 7/6
The Ordeal of Mark Bannister As Above 1930 AUG 30. DW 7/6
Within Twenty-Four Hours As Above 1931 May 31. DW 7/6
Exit Silas Danvers Jenkins 1932 Oct 32. DW 7/6
Treasure at Greyladies As Above 1934 DW 7/6
The Crime with Ten Solutions Herbert Jenkins 1935 Feb 35. DW 7/6
Foul Play at Lentwood As Above 1935 Released Jan 36. DW 7/6
Haunted Abbey As Above 1936 Oct 36. DW 7/6
Silent Death As Above 1940 DW 8/3
Grim Inheritance As Above 1941 Not in the ECB
Harvest of Hate As Above 1948 Red/black, not dated. DJ 8/6

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Patrick Leyton Biography - Further Information
Patrick Leyton is a pseudonym of Brenda Cecilia Byng (thanks to James Cowan who sent us this information), but as so often happens, another author of this period about whom we have no more information. Something we should happily put right if anyone can help. On a bibliographical note, we suspect that many, if not all, of the HJ books could be undated.

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