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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Strangers on a Train Harper 1950 UK: 1950 Cresset Press
The Blunderer McCann 1954 UK: 1956 as Lament for a Lover
The Talented Mr Ripley McCann 1955 UK: 1957 Cresset
Deep Water Harper 1957 UK: 1958 Heinemann
A Game for the Living Harper 1958 UK: 1959 Heinemann
This Sweet Sickness Harper 1960 UK: 1961 Heinemann
The Cry of the Owl Harper 1962 UK: 1963 Heinemann
The Two Faces of January Doubleday 1964 UK: 1964 Heinemann
The Glass Cell Doubleday 1964 UK: 1965 Heinemann
The Story-Teller Doubleday 1965 UK: 1965 Heinemann as A Suspension of Mercy
Those Who Walk Away Doubleday 1967 UK: 1967 Heinemann
The Tremor of Forgery Doubleday 1969 UK: 1969 Heinemann
Ripley Under Ground Doubleday 1970 UK: 1971 Heinemann
The Snail Watchers Doubleday 1970 UK: 1970 Heinemann as Eleven
A Dog's Ransom Knopf 1972 UK: 1972 Heinemann
Ripley's Game Knopf 1974 UK: 1974 Heinemann
The Animal Lovers Book of Beastly Murder Heinemann 1975  
Edith's Diary Schuster 1977 UK: 1977 Heinemann
Little Tales of Misogyny Heinemann 1977  
Slowly Slowly in the Wind Heinemann 1979  
The Boy Who Followed Ripley Lippincott 1980 UK: 1980 Heinemann
The Black House Heinemann 1981  
People Who Knock on the Door Heinemann 1983  

The Author Patricia Highsmith

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Patricia Highsmith Biography - Further Information
Patricia Highsmith, born 1921 in America, is a writer whose work transcends the traditional boundaries of detective, crime, mystery and suspense novels. She is, of course, best known for her first book and the subsequent film adaptation by Alfred Hitchcock, which is rightly regarded as a masterpiece of suspense. Her other key title is the Talented Mr Ripley, which too has been the base of two film versions. All of the pre 1975 books were first published in America and tend to be of greater value. The English 1st editions are regarded as rarer though. There are a few alternative titles and we have duly noted them, when applicable. There is another book, written under the name Claire Morgan and a couple of non-fiction title, but as they are non-criminous we have omitted them from this bibliography.

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