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Pat Flower Bibliography

UK & US & Australian First Edition Books in Order

Pat Flower Series Character: Inspector Swinton

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Wax Flowers for Gloria Angus & Robertson 1958 Australia: Ure Smith 1958
Goodbye, Sweet William Angus & Robertson 1959 Australia: Ure Smith 1959
A Wreath of Water Lilies Angus & Robertson 1960
One Rose Less Angus & Robertson 1961
Hell for Heather Robert Hale 1962
Pistils for Two - Poems Wattle Grove Press 1963 Newnham, Tasmania. 38 pages ; (8ļ)
Term of Terror Robert Hale 1963
Friends of the Family Robert Hale 1966 Reprinted White Lion Publishers 1979
Hunt the Body Robert Hale 1968
Cobweb Collins Crime Club 1972 US: Stein & Day 1978
Catís Cradle Collins Crime Club 1973 US: Stein & Day 1978
Slyboots Collins Crime Club 1974 US: Stein & Day 1978
Odd Job Collins Crime Club 1974 US: Stein & Day 1978
"Temptation for a Sydney antique dealer"
Vanishing Point Collins Crime Club 1975 US: Stein & Day 1977
Reprinted Wakefield Press 1992
Crisscross Collins Crime Club 1976 Dust jacket priced £2.95
US: Stein & Day 1977. Book set in Sydney
Stand alone mystery novel, not Insp Swinton
Shadow Show Collins Crime Club 1976 US: Stein & Day 1978

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Pat Flower Author Biography - Information About the Author
Pat Flower, Patricia Mary Bryson Flower, was born in 1914 and died in 1978, she is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author.
Sought after by crime fiction enthusiasts in Australia or those drawn to that backdrop.
Most of the later books are relatively easy to source, online at least, earlier titles are uncommon.
American editions are noted as and when applicable, Australian books noted when known, all British editions held by the British Library are included in this bibliography, not just the crime fiction.
There doesn't appear to be any contemporaneous reprints or English language paperbacks, a setback for readers. Ex-library copies should be cheap enough to suit those simply looking for reading copies

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