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Pamela Bennetts Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Pamela Bennetts aka Margaret James

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Pamela Bennetts Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Suzerain Robert Hale 1968
The Borgia Prince Rest Same 1968
The Borgia Bull 1968 UK paperback Sphere, 1972
The Venetian 1968
The Adversaries 1969
The Black Plantagenet 1969 UK softcover Sphere, 1972
The Tudor Ghosts Robert Hale 1970
Richard and the Knights of God 1970 Dust jacket art by Eileen Walton
Envoy from Elizabeth 1970 Dust jacket design by Barbara Walton
Royal Sword at Agincourt 1971 US: St. Martin's Press (1971)
A Crown for Normandy 1971 Dustwrapper artwork by Eileen Walton
Bright Sun of York Robert Hale 1971
The Angevin King 1972
The Third Richard 1972
The De Montfort Legacy 1973
The Lords of Lancaster Robert Hale 1973 US: St. Martin's Press (1973)
The Barons of Runnymede 1974
The She-Wolf 1975 British PB New English Library, 1978
My Dear Lover England 1975 US: St. Martins Press (1975)
A Dragon for Edward Robert Hale 1975 "Prince of Wales set in 13th century England"
Death of the Red King 1976 "Unsolved mystery in the death of William Rufus"
Stephen and the Sleeping Saints 1977
The House in Candle Square 1977
A Voice in the Darkness 1977
Ring the Bell Softly Robert Hale 1978
One Dark Night 1978
Don Pedro's Captain 1978 US: St. Martin's Press (1978)
The Quick and the Dead 1979
Footsteps in the Fog Robert Hale 1979
Marionette 1979
Amberstone 1980
Lucy's Cottage 1981
Beau Barron's Lady 1981
The Marquis and Miss Jones / Robert Hale 1981
Regency Rogue 1982
Lady of the Masque 1982 Dust jacket artist Barbara Walton
The Michaelmas Tree 1982
Emerald 1983
The Slave Masters Robert Hale 1983
The Loving Highwayman 1983
Ruby 1984
Pearl 1984
Midsummer-Morning 1984
Garnet Robert Hale 1985
Sapphire 1985
Opal 1986 Historical romance
Crystal 1987
Topaz Robert Hale 1987

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Pamela Bennetts Author Biography - Information About the Author
Pamela Bennetts, born in 1922 re the British Library, is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author although we've included all the books written by Pamela Bennetts as as to make a complete list of books.
A full set of first edition books would be a sight to see, though tricky to put together. Whilst the books need not cost a fortune finding fine copies in dust jacket that are not ex-library copies will not be easy.

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