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Pamela Barrington Bibliography

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Pamela Barrington Series Characters:
Inspector Henderson - Insp' George Marhsall - Insp' George Travers

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Pamela Barrington Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
White Pierrot John Long 1932 Not a crime fiction book but listed in Hubin
Saga of a Scoundrel John Long 1947
The Changing Heart John Long 1948
The Triangle has Four Sides Evans Brothers 1949 Duts jacket priced 9/6
Forty-Three Candles for Mr Beamish Evans Brothers 1950
Mr Hedley’s Private Hell John Long 1950
The Rest is Silence Evans Brothers 1951
The Mortimer Story Arthur Barker 1952
Account Rendered Arthur Barker 1953
Among Those Present Arthur Barker 1953 From the Museum Street Thriller series
The Fourth Victim Arthur Barker 1958 A Museum Street Thriller
Night of Violence Hammond & Hammond 1959 As P.V. Barrington
By Some Person Unknown Hammond & Hammond 1960 Dust jacket artwork by Miller
A cloak and Dagger Choice Mystery Series
The Gentle Killer Hammond & Hammond 1961
Final Judgement Robert Hale 1964
Cage Without Bars Robert Hale 1966
Slow Poison Robert Hale 1967
A Game of Murder Robert Hale 1967
My Friend Judas Robert Hale 1968
Accessory to Murder Robert Hale 1968

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Pamela Barrington Author Biography - Information About the Author
Pamela Barrington is a pseudonym of Muriel Vere Mant Barling who was born in 1904 and died in 1986, she also wrote under the name Charles Barling.
When more than one book is published in a year we've ordered them as per the British Library catalogue list.
The Library of Congress lists no American editions.
The books are not common in dustwrapper. Collectors should expect the usual ex-library misery trying to source books published by Robert Hale.
The books do benefit from some decent period artwork on the dust jackets.

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