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P. M. Hubbard Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

P.M. Hubbard Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Ovid among the Goths Blackwell 1933 Newdigate prize poem
Ballotmania Punch Magazine 1953 Issue: December 16, 1953
Nobody Hunts Witches Fantasy House 1955 Fantasy and Science Fiction May 1955
Lion Fantasy House 1956 Fantasy and Science Fiction Mar 1956
Botany Bay Ace Books 1956 Fantasy and Science Fiction Best of
Flush as May Michael Joseph 1963 US: London House & Maxwell 1963
UK paperback Panther Books, 1966
The Golden Brick Mercury Press 1963 Fantasy and Science Fiction Jan 1963
Special Consent Mercury Press 1963 Fantasy and Science Fiction Oct 1963
Anna Highbury Cassell 1963 Illustrations by Graham Byfield
Children's book not crime fiction
Picture of Millie Michael Joseph 1964 Dust jacket artwork by Kenneth Farnhill
US: Random House 1964
Rat Trap Island Cassell 1964 Dustwrapper by J.S.Goodall
Juvenille book, not criminous
Reissued Children's Book Club, 1964
The Holm Oaks Michael Joseph 1965 US: Atheneum 1966
A Hive of Glass Michael Joseph 1965 Miscatalogued by British Library as 1956
US: Atheneum 1965
UK softcover Panther Books, 1966
The Tower Geoffrey Bles 1967 Dust jacket artist Donald Green
US: Atheneum 1967
Cold Waters Atheneum 1969 UK: Geoffrey Bles 1971
The Custom of the Country Geoffrey Bles 1969 US: Atheneum 1969 as The Country of Again
Book set in Pakistan
The House Mercury Press 1963 Fantasy and Science Fiction April 1969
High Tide Atheneum 1970 UK: Macmillan 1971
The Dancing Man Macmillan 1971 US: Atheneum 1971.US DJ artist Ruth McCrea
Book based in Wales
A Whisper in the Glen Macmillan 1972 US: Atheneum 1972. Book set in Scotland
A Rooted Sorrow Macmillan 1973 US: Atheneum 1973
A Thirsty Evil Macmillan 1974 Dustwrapper by Justin Todd
US: Atheneum 1974
The Graveyard Macmillan 1975 US: Atheneum 1975. Backdrop Scotland
The Causeway Macmillan 1976 US: Doubleday 1978. Set in Scotland
The Quiet River Macmillan 1978 US: Doubleday 1978
Kill Claudio Macmillan 1979 US: Doubleday Crime Club 1979

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P.M. Hubbard Author Biography - Information About the Author
Philip Maitland Hubbard was born in 1910 and died in 1980, he is a British, Hubin listed crime fiction author.
The author is collected and some of the early books are scarce in collectable condition with dust jackets.
Note that in a couple of cases the American first edtion book precedes the British edition, these duly noted in the bibliography above.
We've included all the books held by the British Library, not just the crime fiction listed by Hubin.
We've also listed some of the short stories, as many as we could find using various sources.

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