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P.A. Foxall Bibliography

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P.A. Foxall Series Character: Inspector Frank Derben

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

P.A. Foxall Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Vultures in the Smoke Robert Hale 1972 Reprinted by Thriller Book Club
Dynasty of Doom Robert Hale 1972 Not showing in British Library
The Big Timer Robert Hale 1973
Confessions of a Convict Robert Hale 1974
Scamp's Law Robert Hale 1975 Not showing in British Library
Inspector Derben's War Robert Hale 1976
A Prayer for the Guilty Robert Hale 1976
The Murder Machine Robert Hale 1976
Inspector Derben and the Widow Maker Robert Hale 1977
A Dishonest Way to Die Robert Hale 1977
No Life for a Loser Robert Hale 1977
Taming the Furies Robert Hale 1978
The Hell's Angel Kidnapping Robert Hale 1978
Sequel to Yesterday's Crime Robert Hale 1979
Hostage of the Damned Robert Hale 1979 No copy in the major reference libraries
Act of Terror Robert Hale 1979
To Kill a Call Girl Robert Hale 1980
Testament of Violence Robert Hale 1980
The Silent Informer Robert Hale 1981
The Wild Card Robert Hale 1981
On Course for Murder Robert Hale 1982
The Circle of Death Robert Hale 1982
The Face of Fury Robert Hale 1982
The Champagne Bandits Robert Hale 1983
The Drugs Farm Robert Hale 1984
The A4 Murder Robert Hale 1985
The War Chest Robert Hale 1985
The Circle of Death Chivers 1988

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P.A. Foxall Biography - Information About the Author
Peter Augustus Foxall is something of a mystery, can you help?.
He was born in 1923 according to the British Library.
A tricky list of books to compile as some in included in the major British reception libraries.
Many of the books were reprinted in the 1990s and 2000s in Large Print format.
Collectable copies in dust jacket are a real problem, they all seem to have gone to PubliC Libraries
In all our year's experience we've never personally seen a book that wasn't ex-library!

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