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Owen Sela Series Character: Nicholas Maasten

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bearer Plot Hodder and Stoughton 1972 US: Pantheon 1973
The Kiriov Tapes Hodder and Stoughton 1973 Detective Inspector Adrian Quimper
US: Pantheon 1974
Portuguese Fragment Hodder and Stoughton 1974 US: Pantheon 1973
The Bengali Inheritance Hodder and Stoughton 1975 Richard Chan of the Hong Kong Wanchai CID
US: Pantheon 1975
An Exchange of Eagles Hodder and Stoughton 1977 Reprinted by Collins 1987
US: Atheneum 1977
Petrograd Consignment Michael Joseph 1979 US: Dial Press 1979
Triple Factor Collins 1982 Not listed in US Librray of Congress
Kremlin Control Collins 1984 Not listed in US Librray of Congress
Brandenburg Graduates Collins 1986 Not listed in US Librray of Congress
The Skorpion Dossier Harper Collins 1986 Not listed in the british Library
Coromandel Harper Collins 1995 Not listed in US Librray of Congress
KGB Candidate Collins 1988 Not listed in US Librray of Congress

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Owen Sela Author Biography - Information About the Author
Owen Sela worked as a chartered accountant but that's the limit of our knowledge about this author, the British Library doesn't even list a birth date.
The author is more "espionage" than "crime fiction" but Hubin has included Sela.
First editions in dust jacket are available, though not all titles are common, and reasonably priced.
We've listed the American editions as and when known.

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