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Ottwell Binns aka Ben Bolt Bibliography

UK - US First Edition Books

The following Ottwell Binns bibliography contains the criminous titles.
The majority of these books had no American release
We are always interesting in buying pre 1942  books, UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man from Maloba Ward Lock 1917  
The Lady of the Miniature Ward Lock 1918 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
A Sin of Silence As Above 1918  
The Mystery of the Heart As Above 1919 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
The Lady of the North Star As Above 1919 US: 1922 Knopf
Set in Canada
A Mating in the Wilds Ward Lock 1920 US: 1920 Knopf
The Love That Believeth As Above 1920  
A Hazard of the Snows As Above 1921  
The Lifting of the Shadow As Above 1921  
The Treasure of Christophe As Above 1922 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
The White Hands of Justice Ward Lock 1922  
Clancy of the Mounted Police As Above 1923  
The Trail of Adventure As Above 1923  
A Gipsy of the North As Above 1924  
Java Jack As Above 1925  
The Law of the Hills Ward Lock 1925  
An Adventurer of the Bay As Above 1926  
Flotsam of the Line As Above 1926  
The Drums of Doom As Above 1927  
Ringing Sands Ward Lock 1927 Dust jacket artwork by Frank Marston
Behind the Ranges As Above 1928  
The Diamond Trail As Above 1928  
A Tamer of Men As Above 1929  
The Three Black Dots As Above 1929 Set in Morocco
Jim Trelawney Ward Lock 1930  
The Secret Pearls As Above 1930 Dustwrapper artwork by Abbey
The Vanished Guest As Above 1930 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
Snowbird As Above 1931 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
The Flaming Crescent As Above 1931  
The Grey Rat As Above 1931  
Trader Random Ward Lock 1932  
The Nets of Fate Mellifont 1932  
White Gold Ward Lock 1932  
Forest Exile As Above 1933  
The Secret Adventure As Above 1933  
Doc Churston As Above 1933  
Gold Is King As Above 1934  
The Red Token Ward Lock 1934 Set in the Far East
The Three Blue Anchors As Above 1934  
The Shining Trail As Above 1935  
The Blue Sash As Above 1935  
The Last Door As Above 1935  
The Far Pursuit Ward Lock 1936 Dust jacket artwork by Abbey
Weeds of Hate As Above 1936  
In the Flashlight As Above 1937  
The Poisoned Pen As Above 1937  
A Soldier of the Legion Ward Lock 1937  
By Papuan Waters As Above 1938 Set in New Guinea
A Shot in the Woods As Above 1938 DJ priced 7/6. Artwork by Campbell
A Man of Dartmoor Ward Lock 1939  

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Ottwell Binns Biography - Further Information
Ottwell Binns was born 1872 and died in 1935, he also wrote under the name  Ben Bolt. We would like to add more information to this page. If you can help with any, guaranteed accurate, background information on this author we would be pleased to hear from you.
We do need to do some further research on this checklist. All the information is correct but we cannot vouch for priority when more than one book was published in the same year. This is something we shall redress shortly.

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