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The following is a list of books and authors who are noted for a specific title
That is not to denigrate or undermine their other work
 Merely that one particular book stands out as a highlight or is of importance to the genre

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John Ball In the Heat of the Night
Robert Bloch Psycho
Christianna Brand Cat and Mouse
Vera Caspary Laura
John Dunning Booked to Die
Umberto Eco The Name of the Rose
Edward Grierson Reputation For a Song
Joseph Hansen Skinflick
Thomas Harris Red Dragon
Peter Hoeg Miss Smilla's Feeling of Snow
Philip Kerr March Violets
Ira Levin A Kiss Before Dying
John Mair Never Come Back
Cameron McCabe The Face on the Cutting Room Floor
Nicholas Meyer The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
Kenneth O'Hara Underhandover
Robert Player The Ingenious Mr Stone
Peter Anthony Withered Murder
CP Snow Death Under Sail
Roy Vickers The Department of Dead Ends


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