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Gil North

The Methods of Sergeant Cluff

Published by Chapan and Hall 1961
Jacket photograph by David Gillespie

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The Methods of Sergeant Cluff GIL NORTH As Inspector Mole of the Uniformed Branch frequently affirms, the trouble with Sergeant Caleb Cluff is his inabil-ity to accept the obvious, particularly where the obvious conflicts with his knowledge of Gunnarshaw. In this account of another of Sergeant Cluff's cases, the murder, at any rate, is too plain for argument and there is even a confession of guilt which is entirely reasonable in the circumstances. But the Sergeant, from the moment he strolls unhurriedly on to the scene of the crime, his dog Clive at his heels, has his own ideas as usual, though not without some qualms of doubt.

Did the boy Carter, driven to extrem-ity by a hopeless love, really kill Jane Trundle ? Was Jane as bad as Gunnar-shaw, Cluff excepted, believed ? What was the self-important, conceited, little town-councillor Greensleeve afraid of and how did Jean and Margaret, who worked with Jane Trundle in Green-sleeve's shop, come into the affair ? Once again the stolid, compassionate Cluff meanders here and there, appar-ently without any prearranged plan of

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