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Gil North

The Confounding of Sergeant Cluff

Published by Chapan and Hall 1966
Jacket photograph by Frank Hermann

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Gil North

Detective-Sergeant Caleb Cluff, Gunnarshaw C.I.D., needs no introduction : the recent B.B.C. Television series of plays featuring Cluff, and written by Gil North, achieved top ratings; and, of course, the Sergeant has appeared in six previous books.

In THE CONFOUNDING OF SERGEANT CLUFF, Gunnarshaw is in the grips of a grim winter. The discovery by the railway-siding of a shoe belonging to one of the Watley sisters, a modest and res-pectable spinster, leads to knowledge of the existence in Gunnarshaw of a man given to terrorising women; and, eventually, to murder. Why does the idiot boy, Jonty Jarvis, trail round after Karen Cupar and her boy-friend ? Why does the light burn so late in the office of Derryeraft, the insurance manager? Why, on the night the snow beings, is Lily Trotter attacked ? It takes all of Cluff's doggedness and intuition, all the support of his loyal shad ow, D etective-Constable Barker, and the staunch cosseting of his housekeeper, Annie Croft, to enable him to fit these and other incidents together; and even when he does so, he seems unable to accept the cruel conclusion that stares him in the face.

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