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Norman A Daniels Bibliography

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mausoleum Key Gateway 1942 Not in the ECB
John Doe Murderer Ditto 1942 Not in the ECB
Mistress on a Deathbed Falcon 1952  
The Captive Avon 1959  
The Deadly Game Ditto 1959  
Lady for Sale Avon 1960  
Lover, Let Me Live Ditto 1960  
Some Die Running Avon 1960  
Spy Hunt Pyramid 1960  
Suddenly by Shotgun Fawcett 1961  
Shadow of a Doubt Fawcett 1961 as Harrison Judd
The Detectives Lancer 1962  
Something Burning Fawcett 1963  
Arrest and Trial Lancer 1963  
The Hunt Club Pyramid 1964  
The Missing Witness Lancer 1964  
Overkill Pyramid 1964  
The Secret War Pyramid 1964  
Spy Ghost Pyramid 1965  
Murder under the Big Top Regency 1965 as Robert Wallace
Operation K Pyramid 1965  
Operation N Ditto 1965  
The Baron of Hong Kong Lancer 1967  
A Killing in the Market Ditto 1967  
Operation T Pyramid 1967  
Operation VC Ditto 1967  
Baron's Mission to Peking Lancer 1968  
The Magnetic Man Berkley 1968  
The Kono Diamond Berkley 1969  
Moon Express Ditto 1969  
The Rape of a Town Pyramid 1970  
One Angry Man Pyramid 1971  
Operation SL Pyramid 1971  
Meet the Smiths Berkley 1971  
License to Kill Pyramid 1972  
Chase Pyramid 1974  

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Further Information
Norman A Daniels is a pseudonym for Norman A Danberg, who has numerous other pen-names. As well as the books listed above the author also wrote a huge number of uncollected short stories under various names and in various magazines and publications.

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