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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Papers Mean Peril Wright and Brown 1942
Danger in Numbers Wright and Brown 1944 Red cloth, black lettering. Jacket priced 4/6
Fear Without End Wright and Brown 1949

Dust Jacket Artist: Micklewright

Noel Lee Biography
THE AUTHOR UNLIKE the last war, this present conflagration has produced few new writers, but of the few it has produced, none is more fitted to take an honoured place than NOEL LEE.

Serving himself soon after the outbreak of hostilities, then later discharged from the Army after a series of illnesses, Mr. Lee returned to civilian life and to his pre-war hobby of story-writing to find that of the few newcomers to be recognised, he was one.

As a writer of thrillers, he is distinctively new; as a teller of stories, he is deliciously refreshing, for not only does he possess a rare gift for breath-taking suspense, but also a style of narration that is all his own.
His descriptions are vivid. His characters real. And his plots always contain that subtle twist which invariably provide that out-standing something the others haven't got. On the publication of his last novel we made only one prophecy: that where others had been content to follow in the footsteps of the famous, Noel Lee would not.

He was, we felt, vitally different, and we were convinced that as such he would remain, carving for himself a new and honoured place in the world of fiction. Now, on the publi-cation of this, we see no reason to alter that prophecy.
The next Noel Lee title will be: "FEAR WITHOUT END" Look out for it!

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