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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Who Calls the Tune Collins 1953 US: 1953 Morrow as Eyes of Green
The Odd Flamingo Collins Crime Club 1954  
Change Here for Babylon Collins Crime Club 1955  
The Solitary Child As Above 1956 US: 1966 Lancer
Devil by the Sea Ditto 1957 US: 1959 Lippincott

Nina Bawden Biography - Further Information
Nina Bawden, real name Mary Mabey Kark was born in 1925. She did write many other books but we have only included her mystery titles, due to the nature of this site. We have included the contemporaneous American editions and alternative titles as and when applicable. In all cases the English editions precede and are regarded more highly by collectors, consequently of greater value.

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