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Nick Baroni - Pulp Fiction Author

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Nick Baroni Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Girls for Sale Curtis Warren 1950 The only Baroni book in the British Library
Red Doll Curtis Warren 1950s
Hot Check Girl 1950s Artwork by H.W. Perl
Sally Curtis Warren 1950s Artwork by H.W. Perl
Manhattan Honey 1950s Copyright Cat' states Manhattan Money (wrongly)
Nightclub Moll 1950s
No Price Sister 1950s Artwork by H.W. Perl
Payoff 1950s
High Heels and Scanties 1950s
The Lady was a Tramp 1950s
Big Time Girl 1950s
Blonde Baby Curtis Warren 1950s
Easy Curves Curtis Warren 1950s
Frances Curtis Warren 1950s
Mitsi Curtis Warren 1950s
Nancy Curtis Warren 1950s
Shapely Lady Curtis Warren 1950s
Tansy Curtis Warren 1950s

Cover Artist: H.W. Perl

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Nick Baroni Author Biography - Information About the Author
Nick Baroni was billed as "America's Best Selling Author" on the book covers, this is a true as the "Translated from French" claims for other authors in the pulp genre.
Nick Baroni was in fact a house name used by Frederick Tom Foden - Albert Edgar Garrett and John William Jennison according to a 1950s Catalog of Copyright entry.
This list of books has taken some compiling and the national holdinhg libraries were of little use.
This is a comprehensive bibliography but I wouldn't be surpirsed to hear of anothe Nick Baroni book not listed above, if you kow of one please do let us know.
These Nick Baroni pulp paperback books were fragile publications not meant to last, few did and they are now rare and sought after by book collectors who appreciate the genre and the cover artwork.

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