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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
African Terror Robert Hale 1957 Dust jacket priced 10/6 net
"Set in Kenya. Terrorists attack Nairobi"
Cairo Ring Robert Hale 1958 224 pages, book size (8)
Book and plot based in Egypt
Clear Sky Above Robert Hale 1959 205 pages (8)
They Found a Way Back Robert Hale 1960 189 pp (8)
The Princess and the Pilot Robert Hale 1961 192 pages (8)

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Neil Sheraton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Neil Sheraton is a pseudonym of Norman Edward Mace Smith who also wrote as Norman Shore, he is a Hubin listed author.
I'm afraid there's a regular tale to be told in regard to Neil Sheraton's books and his publisher - they are rare!
RH are notorious for short print runs, sometimes so small they only just cover the pre-orders from public libraries, this makes books in collectable condition with dustwrappers very difficult to find, even using online specialst booksellers.
Whilst rare you need not pay a fortune for them if and when you're lucky enough to come across one.
The books were not published in America, re the US Library of Congress, and I can find no evidence of them being reprinted in Britian or paperback editions being published - bad news for the reader who just wants a book . . .
The first book, African Terror, does turn up but the others do not. The explanation is probably high hopes foor the first book but disappointing sales and interest from libraries meant subsequent books were printed in much smaller numbers, once again a regular "thing" often even well known authors have rarer second books than their first.

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