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Nat Karta Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Nat Karta Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Merry Virgin ? ?
The Foolish Virgin Thorpe 1950
All the things You Ain't Muir-Watson 1950
A Dame Called Desire Muir-Watson 1950
Too Good for the Poor 1950
Once Bitten, Twice Bitten Muir - Watson 1950
Bravely to Bed Muir - Watson 1951
Cry Wolf, Sister Muir - Watson 1951
The Hot Seat's Cold Muir - Watson 1951
Angels Sleep in Bed Muir - Watson 1951
The Sin of Miss Bishop Muir-Watson 1951
The Reluctant Virgin Muir-Watson 1951 Not in any national library
Big Top Dame Muir - Watson 1952
A Guy Named Judas Muir-Watson 1952 Dana Dallas Series
Brother Rat Scion 1952
Love Me, Hurt Me Scion 1952
Some Dame ! Scion 1953 Written by Dail Ambler
Pay-Off Scion 1953
Sinister Lovely Scion 1953 Written by Terry Stanford
The Foolish Virgin Says No Scion 1953
The Foolish Virgin Returns Scion 1953 In a copyright catalogue, not the BL
We the Condemned Scion 1953 Reprinted in Large Print in 1992
Author name given as: Norman A. Lazenby
Climax by Nat Karta 1953 Actual author Victor Norwood
Jealousy by Nat Karta 1953
Milestone American Thriller Milestone 1953 Short story compilation book contains:
You Only Lose it Once by Nat Karta
The Elusive Corpse 1954
The Concrete Nymph 1954
Uneasy Alibi 1954
The Foolish Cargo Scion 1954
The Trap Scion 1954 Re Oxford Library. Dublin calls for
The Trap Mystery
Vision Sinister Dragon 1954
Eat Me if You Must Universal Books ? Not in any library, re-titled reprint ?

Cover Artist: ?

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Nat Karta Author Biography - Information About the Author
Nat Karta was a publisher's house name, a speudonym used by more than one author, those include: Victor Norwood - Herbert Victor Lowe (editor) - Donald Cresswell - Terry Stanford - Dail Ambler and Norman Lazenby.
We've compiled as comprehensive a list of books as is currently possible using every possible library and reference resource but it would be foolish to think there isn't another book out there not listed in this bibliography of Nat Karta - if you know of one please do email us the details.
These books are highly regarded by book collectors who not only collect this tough guy gangster pulp paperback genre but also those who love the cover artwork - we're guilty as charged on that one.
Expect the books to be rare and generally expensive unless you're very lucky!

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