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N. Wesley Firth Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

N. Wesley Firth Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Coward at Harcourt Mitre Press 1944 British Library says 1945. Perl cover
This is Murder, Lady Mitre Press 1944 British Library says 1945
Murder for Sale Bear Hudson 1945
Concerto for Fear Bear Hudson 1945 Cover artist H.W. Perl
Terror Stalks By Night Bear Hudson 1945
Futuristic Stories Hamilton 1946
Rebels of Harcourt Mitre Press 1946
The Ghost Walked at Harcourt Mitre Press 1946
High Jinks at Harcourt Mitre Press 1946
Smugglers at Harcourt Pillar Pub. Co 1946
Lady in Leicester Square Brown Watson 1946
Outlawed Guns Utopian Publications 1946 A complete Western novel
Spawn of the Vampire Bear Hudson 1946 Cover artwork H.W. Perl
The Woman of Danger 1947
Adventure Island 1947
Out for the Count Hamilton & Co 1947
Gun Smoke Hamilton & Co 1947 Perl artwork
The Tenderfoot Rustler Hamilton & Co ?
Guns of Calliope Fiction House 1948
Crime Confessions: Who killed Frankland? John Spencer 1950
Terror Strikes Hamilton ? Priced 1/6 cover by HW Perl
Lady Go Careful ? ? HW Perl artwork
When Shall I Sleep Again John Gifford ? Reprinted by the Thriller Book Club
Norman's War ? ?
Find My Sister ? ?

Cover Artist: H.W. Perl

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N. Wesley Firth Author Biography - Information About the Author
N. Wesley Firth, real name Norman Firth born in 1920, he died in 1949, of TB, aged only 29. Despite this tragically young age he wrote a huge amount and was known as "The Prince of the Pulp Pedlars"
N. Wesley Firth used several pseudonyms the most important being Earl Ellison before it became a publisher's house name.
The genres of the N Wesley Firth books extended well beyond crime fiction and the gangster pulp style into Boy's Adventure and School Books as well as Westerns and Science Fiction plu smany short stories not listed here.
Dates and publishers are noted when we're absolutley certain.
This N Wesley Firth list of books has been compiled using a variety of sources, each yielding books another doesn't have. We'd liketo consider this a fairly comprehensive bibliography but there's surely more books to add. If you know of any we've been unable to unearth please do email us the details.

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