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Spike Morelli

This Way for Hell

Leisure Library 1952
Jacket design Heade

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I WAS LYING on my back, looking up at the ceiling of the cabin, blowing smoke rings. I felt very pleased with myself over the way things had turned out. I had spent a considerable amount of time giving thought to the last two months and the more I dwelt on the matter, the more satisfied I became. The Queen Mary was due to dock in New York the following morning and this fact alone had given me a feeling of great consolation. I had nothing particular against England. It wasn't anything like that. While I had been over there, working on a missing relation case for the Globe Insurance Co., I had knocked around quite a bit on the side and got a big kick out of it. The whole thing had been like a high-class vacation with all expenses paid and I wouldn't have missed out on it for anything.

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