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Spike Morelli

Death for a Doll

Leisure Library 1952
Jacket design Heade

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CALLAO muttered an oath as he fitfully twisted his naked body on the flop mattress. Who the hell could sleep in this damn heat! The sweat poured off him and soaked into the filthy sheet under him. He lay in the corner of the darkened room, cursing the people on the floors above. At least they had the nre-escapea to sleep on, but this god-forsaken hole in the back of the building didn't even have a window that would open. The one window in the room had a broken pane at the top and even that had been patched with brown paper. He mopped his forehead with a clammy hand and stared into the darkness across the room. His mother lay there hunched up, muttering in her sleep. The old ones can sleep anytime, anywhere, heat or no heat. In the other corner his sister and her husband slept sprawled across a sagging bed. His sister was grinding her teeth.

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