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Moray Dalton Series Character: Inspector Hugh Collier & Hermann Glide

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Olive in Italy T. Fisher Unwin 1909 Not in Hubin
The Sword of Love : a romance Collins 1920 Not in Hubin
The Kingsclere Mystery Jarrolds 1924
The Shadow On the Wall Jarrolds 1926
The Stretton Darknesse Mystery Jarrolds 1927
The Black Wings Jarrolds 1927
One By One They Disappeared Jarrolds 1929 US: Harper 1929
The Body in the Road Harper (US) 1930 UK: Sampson Low 1931
The Night of Fear Sampson Low 1931 US: Harper 1931 (Harper Sealed Mystery)
The Wife of Baal Sampson Low 1932 Set in Italy
Death in the Cup Sampson Low 1932
The Belfry Murder Sampson Low 1933
The Harvest of Tares Sampson Low 1933
The Black Death Sampson Low 1934
The Edge of Doom Sampson Low 1934
The Belgrave Manor Crime Sampson Low 1935
The Strange Case of Harriet Hall Sampson Low 1936
The Mystery of the Kneeling Woman Sampson Low 1936
The Case of Alan Copeland Sampson Low 1937
Death in the Dark Sampson Low 1938
Death in the Forest Sampson Low 1939
The Price Of Silence Sampson Low 1939
The Art School Murders Sampson Low 1943 Reprinted by Kemsley Newspapers 1950 (Re BL)
The Longbridge Murders Sampson Low 1945
The Murder of Eve Sampson Low 1945
Death at the Villa Sampson Low 1946
The Condamine Case Sampson Low 1947
The Case Of the Dark Stranger Sampson Low 1948 Superb dust jacket by Quilter priced 8s 6d net
Inquest On Miriam Sampson Low 1949
The House of Fear Sampson Low 1951

Dust Jacket Artist: Quilter

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Moray Dalton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Moray Dalton is a pen name for Katherine Dalton Renoir and she is a Hubin listed author.
We've included all of the books held by the British reception libraries so this should be a complete list of books by Moray Dalton.
The chronological order, hwen it comes to books published in the same year, is defined by the British Library catalogue.
The first edition books are rare in jacket , even the later titles, some excellent period dust jacket artwork too.
Readers are more fortunate than book collectors as many of the books were recently reprinted in an attractive paperback format by Dean Street Press in London.
We've included all the books held by the American Library of Congress.

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