Crime Fiction

Josephine Tey

Miss Pym Disposes

Peter Davies 1946
Jacket design unknown

We interested in buying pre 1941 UK first editions in jacket
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Josephine Tey Miss Pym Disposes

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A BELL clanged. Brazen, insistent, maddening. Through the quiet corridors came the din of it, making hideous the peace of the morning. From each of the yawning windows of the little quadrangle the noise poured out on to the still, sunlit garden where the grass was grey yet with dew. Little Miss Pym stirred, opened one doubtful grey eye, and reached blindly for her watch. There was no watch. She opened the other eye. There seemed to be no bedside table either. No, of course not; now she remembered. There was no bedside table; as she had found last night. Her watch had had of necessity to be put under her pillow. She fumbled for it. Good heavens, what a row that bell was making! Obscene.

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