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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bleston Mystery Gollancz 1928 with A Gordon Macdonnell. DJ 7/6
The Corpse on the Mat Gollancz 1929 Feb 29. DJ 7/6. US: Man who Rang the Bell
Corpse Guards Parade Gollancz 1929 July 29. DJ 7/6
Half Mast Murder Gollancz 1930 Feb 30. DJ 7/6
Death in a Deck Chair Gollancz 1930 Sept 30. DJ 7/6
Murder in Black and White Methuen 1931 as Evelyn Elder. DJ 7/6. Illus by A. Blomfield
Death to the Rescue Gollancz 1931 Nov 31. DJ 7/6
The Floating Admiral Hodder 1931 with others. Dec 31. DJ 7/6
Angel in the Case Methuen 1932 as Evelyn Elder. May 32. DJ 7/6
The Murderer of Sleep Gollancz 1932 Aug 32. DJ 7/6
Ask a Policeman Barker 1933 with others. Mar 33. DJ 7/6
Bull's Eye Gollancz 1933 June 33. DJ 7/6
Corpse in Cold Storage Gollancz 1934 DJ 7/6
Poison in the Parish Gollancz 1935 no US edition. DJ 7/6
Sic Transit Gloria Gollancz 1936 US: Scornful Corpse. DJ 7/6
I'll be Judge, I'll be jury Gollancz 1937 no US edition. DJ 7/6
It Began in New York Gollancz 1943 no US edition. DJ 8/6
Escape to Quebec Gollancz 1946 Jacket 7/6. No US edition
The Top Boot Hale 1950 Not in the English Catalogue of Books
Artwork by Brinklow. No US edition
Two's Company Hale 1952 No US edition

Further Information
Milward Kennedy, real name Milward Rodon Kennedy Burge, was born in England on 21st June 1894 and passed away in 1968. His series characters were Sir George Bull and Inspector Cornford. All his work was published in the UK first with several titles having no US publication. There are also seven uncollected short stories and one non-criminous novel.


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