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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Phantom of Forty-Second Street Macaulay 1936  
Nobody Loves a Dead Man Murray 1945 UK: 1946 Archer
The Gay Mortician Murray 1946 UK: 1947 Denis Archer
No Weeds for the Widow Murray 1947 UK: 1951 Kelly
Murder in a Lighter Vein Murray 1947  
Tunnel 13 As Above 1948  

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Further Information
Milton Michael Raison, 1903 to 1982, was born in New York. As well as writing novels he was also a reviewer and screenwriter and drama critic for the New York Record. His main series character was Tony Woolrich who appeared in all but the last book I believe. His books are written, according to his publisher, with "Gusto and Humour" you'll have to be the judge of that, all we can say is that, with artwork and titles like The Gay Mortician, he'll do for us!.


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