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Miles Burton

Murder Unrecognised

Collins Crime Club 1955
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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TWICE RUNNING the coroner said, " Accidental Death." Each death had been caused by a hand grenade apparently left lying about by the military. Desmond Merrion, holidaying with his wife, Mavis, at a nearby seaside town, had his own doubts about the accidents on the remote heights of Westonbury and Sheep Cliffe. But it is one thing to suspect foul play and quite another to discover a motive. What was the truth about farmer Joe Ling and his racehorses? And for whom was the first grenade really meant? Before the truth was pieced together poor Superintendent Flixworth found himself sweating up and down the steep hillsides; and Merrion, who was as partial to walking as to detection, had plenty of exercise. Miles Burton again offers his readers a fascinating jigsaw which looks as though it will never come out, but into which everything fits smoothly and satisfactorily at the end. From first to last, their curiosity will never be allowed to slacken—and even Merrion finds more excitement than he bargained for.

Miles Burton


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