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Miles Burton

A Smell of Smoke

Collins Crime Club 1959
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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WHEN the body of Horace Ingrave was taken from the stream at Moat House no one in Lumsford was very disturbed—except Matthew Calder, who had been in the vicinity when the ne'er-do-well had drowned. He had been aware of a strange smell of smoke, and it was this one fact which roused his suspicions about his nephew and heir, Philip. But even when Matthew realised that the younger man might have had a motive for Ingrave's death, he kept silent. A second violent death in the village was clearly a case of murder, and it brought Inspector Arnold and Desmond Merrion on to the scene to unravel a case in which the silence of Matthew Galder was to become a vital factor in the fate of the suspects whose lives and happiness were in jeopardy. A Smell of Smoke fully maintains the qualities of suspense and ingenuity for which Miles Burton is so widely popular.


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