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Miles Burton

Bones in the Brickfield

Collins Crime Club 1958
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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IF the peaceful villagers of Downfold were shocked when the body of that quiet widower, Mr. Reeve, was found in the old brickfield, they were horrified when the coroner's jury brought in a verdict of murder. When Inspector Arnold and his friend Merrion started to investigate, a number of happenings were recalled which had passed unremarked at the time; but then the excavation of a bone from a pre-historic monster, just where Mr. Reeve's body had been found, created such an excitement in the village that people almost forgot about the tragedy. But not for long. After the bone had come to light a sinister and deadly chain of events began, which presented Arnold and Merrion with as difficult a case as they have ever tackled. Miles Burton gives his many admirers an ingenious and fascinating story which will keep them guessing to the last pages.

Miles Burton


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