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Miles Tripp Series Character: John Samson

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Faith is a Windsock [A novel.] Peter Davies 1952
The Image of Man Darwen Finlayson 1955
A Glass of Red Wine Macdonald 1960 Dust jacket by Stein
Kilo Forty Macmillan 1963 US: Holt 1964
The Skin Dealer Macmillan 1964 US: Holt 1965 Dust jacket by Ben Feder
Diecast a novel Arthur Barker 1964 As Michael Brett
A Plague of Dragons Arthur Barker 1965 As Michael Brett
A Quartet of Three Macmillan 1965 Dust jacket by Broome-Lynne
The Chicken Macmillan 1966
A Cargo of Spent Evil Arthur Barker 1966 As John Michael Brett
The Fifth Point of the Compass Macmillan 1967
One is One Macmillan 1968
Malice and the Maternal Instinct Macmillan 1969
The Eighth Passenger Heinemann 1969 Non-fiction
A man Without Friends Macmillan 1970
Five Minutes with a Stranger Macmillan 1971
The Claws of God Macmillan 1972 Dust cover by Ron Bowen
Obsession Macmillan 1973
Woman at Risk Macmillan 1974 Dust jacket by Jennifer Eachus
A woman in Bed Macmillan 1976
The Once a Year Man Macmillan 1977
The Wife Smuggler Macmillan 1978
Cruel Victim Macmillan 1979
High Heels Macmillan 1980 DW artwork by L.J. Miller
Going Solo Macmillan 1981
One Lover Too Many Macmillan 1983 Dustwrapper by Robert Adams
A Charmed Death Macmillan 1984 DJ design Marcus Wilson-Smith
US: St. Martin's Press 1984
Some Predators are Male Macmillan 1985 US: St. Martin's Press 1985
The Frightened Wife Macmillan 1987 US: St. Martin's Press 1988
Death of a Man Tamer Macmillan 1987 US: St. Martin's Press 1987
The Cords of Vanity Macmillan 1989 US: St. Martin's Press 1989
Video Vengeance Macmillan 1990 US: St. Martin's Press 1990
Dimensions of Deceit Macmillan 1993
A Woman of Conscience Macmillan 1994
Extreme Provocation Macmillan 1995
Samson and the Greek Delilah Severn House 1995
The Suitcase Killings Severn House 1997
Deadly Ordeal Severn House 1999
Death is Catching: A murder mystery Samuel French, 2002 A play based on Kilo Forty [Jean McConnell]

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Miles Tripp Biography - Information About the Author
Miles Barton Tripp was born in 1923 and died in 2000 (re the British Library). He also used the pseudonyms of John Michael Brett and Michael Brett.
Americna editions are noted when known.
Book collectors will not find the books too hard to find (on the internet that is) and all are reasonably priced.

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