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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
I The Jury Barker 1952  
My Gun is Quick Barker 1951  
Vengeance is Mine Barker 1951  
The Big Kill Barker 1952  
The long Wait Barker 1953  
One Lonely Night Barker 1952  
Kiss Me deadly Barker 1953  
The Deep Barker 1961  
The Girl Hunters Barker 1962  
Me Hood ! Corgi 1963 No US
Day of the Guns Barker 1965  
The Flier Corgi 1964 No US
Return of the Hood Corgi 1964 No US
The Snake Barker 1964  
Bloody Sunrise Barker 1965  
The Death Dealers Barker 1966  
Killer Mine Corgi 1965  
The By-Pass Control Barker 1967  
The Twisted Thing Barker 1966  
The Body Lovers Barker 1967  
The Delta Factor Corgi 1969  
The Tough Guys NAL 1969 No UK
Survival Zero Corgi 1970  
The Erection Set Allen 1972  
The Last Cop Out Allen 1973  
Tomorrow I Die Mysterious 1984 US

Further Information
Mickey Spillane, Frank Morrison Spillane, was born in New York on 9 March 1918. He is, of course, best known for his main series character, Mike Hammer. A hugely popular character amongst fans of the hard-boiled school of mystery fiction. He did create another series character, who appeared in four novels, called Tiger Mann, though he failed to catch the imagination of the public. The bibliography is in order of original US publication date. Generally speaking, the US editions precede, there are no alternative titles..


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