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The Michael Jecks books are listed in order of publication below
They are all Knights Templar Mysteries (up until 2013) except when alternative series are mentioned in the notes beside the title

We are extremely grateful to Michael Jecks himself who supplied us with update information
and approximate month of publication for this bibliography

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Title Date Publisher Notes
The Last Templar 1995 Headline March
The Merchant's Partner 1995 Ditto Blue boards, silver lettering. Jacket 16.99. November
A Moorland Hanging 1996 Ditto Green cloth, silver titles. DW priced 16.99. June
The Crediton Killings 1997 Ditto Published October
The Abbot's Gibbet 1998 Headline May
The Lepers Return 1998 Ditto November
Squire Throwleigh's Heir 1999 Ditto May
Belladonna at Belstone 1999 Ditto November
The Traitor of St Giles 2000 Ditto May
The Boy Bishops Glovemaker 2000 Ditto November
The Tournament of Blood 2001 Headline May
The Sticklepath Strangler 2001 Ditto November
The Devil's Acolyte 2002 Ditto May
The Sticklepath Strangler 2002 Ditto November
The Outlaws of Ennor 2003 Headline May
The Templar's Penance 2003 Ditto November
The Tolls of Death 2004 Ditto May
The Chapel of Bones 2004 Ditto November
The Butcher of St Peter's 2005 Ditto May
The Tainted Relic 2005 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
A Friar's Blood Feud 2005 Headline November
The Death Ship of Dartmouth 2006 Headline May
Sword of Shame 2006 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
The Malice of Unnatural Death 2006 Headline   November
The Dispensation of Death 2007 Headline   May
House of Shadows 2007 Simon & Schuster   Medieval Murderers
The Templar, The Queen and Her Lover 2007 Headline    
The Prophecy of Death 2008 Headline
The Lost Prophecies 2008 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
King of Thieves 2008 Headline
No Law in the Land 2009 Headline
The Bishop Must Die 2009 Headline
King Arthur's Bones 2009 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
The Oath 2010 Simon & Schuster
Sacred Stone 2010 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
King's Gold 2011 Simon & Schuster
Hill of Bones 2011 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
City of Fiends 2012 Simon & Schuster
The First Murder 2012 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
Templar's Acre 2013 Simon & Schuster
The False Virgin 2013 Simon and Schuster Medieval Murderers
Fields of Glory 2014 Simon & Schuster Hundred Years War
The Deadliest Sin 2014 Simon & Schuster Medieval Murderers
Blood on the Sand 2015 Simon & Schuster Hundred Years War
Blood of the Innocents 2016 Simon & Schuster Hundred Years War
Rebellion's Message 2016 Creme de la Crime Bloody Mary - Jack Blackjack
A Murder Too Soon 2017 Creme de la Crime Bloody Mary / Jack Blackjack
Pilgrim's War 2018 Simon & Schuster
A Missed Murder 2018 Creme de la Crime Bloody Mary - Jack Blackjack
The Dead Don't Wait 2019 Creme de la Crime Bloody Mary - Jack Blackjack

Michael Jecks Biography - More Information About
The author's work is in the historical murder mystery genre, and along with others in the field, seem to be growing in popularity. His books, as well as being very popular amongst readers, are also collectors items. Some of the early titles attract fairly high sums.
The first five or so were subject to very small print runs which, despite being modern books, makes them fairly rare. Add to that many going to public libraries, collectable copies are thin on the ground. Hodder-Headline use the printers key, or number line generally, so when you see this on the copyright page the number one should be present, otherwise it is a reprint.

Collectors will, sadly, have to expect many of the books are to be found with tanned paper. Unlike America we still don't use acid free paper stock for hardbackbooks as a general rule though some publishers use cheaper paper than others, Hodder/Headline of this period being one.


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