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Michael Storme Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Michael Storme Series Character: Nick Cranley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Michael Storme Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death walks the Boards 1935 Typed folio of a film play held by British Library
Woman Trap L. Huntington 1935
Death Walks the Boards Plays and Pictures 1937 See first entry in list
The Grey Messengers Blackie & Son 1940
Make Mine a Virgin Archer - Hanley 1949
Make Mine a Harlot Archer - Hanley 1949 Nick Cranley, set in Chicago
Make Mine Beautiful Archer - Hanley 1949
Make Mine Dangerous Archer Press 1949
Make Mine a Corpse Archer Press 1950
Sucker for a Red-Head Archer Press 1950
Hot Dames on Cold Slabs Archer Press 1950
Satan Buys a Wreath Archer Press 1950 Cover price 1/6
A Woman's Friend Curtis Warren 1950
Unlucky Virgin Archer 1951 Not in Hubin, not in BL
Dame in my Bed Kaywin Publishers 1951 Published in Cleveland, Ohio
Stella Buys a Shroud Harborough 1952
Curtains for Carla Leisure Library 1953 US. Not in British Library
Lovelies are Never Lonely Harborough 1952
Chicago Terror Harborough 1952
Elvira Digs a Grave Harborough 1952
Make Mine a Redhead Harborough 1952
Kiss the Corpse Goodbye Harborough 1952
Baby Don't Say Goodbye Harborough 1953 Oxford University Library misspells title!
Baby Don't Love Hoodlums Harborough 1953
Sweetheart with a Wreath Harborough 1953
Tiptoe Thro' a Graveyard Harborough 1953 Priced 2/-
Dragons Come Expensive Harborough 1953
You'll be Better off Dead Harborough 1953
This Woman is Death Harborough 1953 Not in British Library
A Corpse Spells Danger Leisure Library 1953 US. Not in British Library
Me and My Ghoul Harborough 1953
The Devil Has a Racket Harborough 1954

Dust Jacket Artist: Reginald Heade

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Michael Storme Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Storme I feel sure is a pseudonym, possibly George H. Dawson.
Primarily he is a pulp paperback author who is listed in Hubin.
These are worth collecting for the cover artwork alone, I know as I've done it! Many by the wonderful Reginald Heade, a style often known (gratingly I feel) as "Good Girl Art".
Every book by this author held in any UK institutional library is included above in the list of books in order.
American books tended to be published by Leisure Library.
American titles on Leisure Library without a British counterpart could perhaps be alternative titles?

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