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Michael Sinclair Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Sonntag Gollancz 1971 Dust jacket artist Ray Fiebush
US: Putnam 1971
UK paperback: Corgi 1972
Norslag Gollancz 1972 US: Putnam 1972 as Folio Forty-One
UK softcover: Corgi 1973
The Dollar Covenant Gollancz 1973 US: Norton 1973
UK: paperback Quartet Books 1974
A Long Time Sleeping Gollancz 1975 US: Norton 1976
UK paperback: Panther Books 1977
The Masterplayers: A Novel Gollancz 1978 US: Norton 1978
Winter's Crimes 10 ? 1978 Short story in a compilation
Not in British Library, only Book Club found
US: St. Martin's Press 1979

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Michael Sinclair Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Sinclair, born 1938 and died 2009, originally a pseudonym of a "Young International Bureaucrat" alter his identity was known, Michael Shea.
Michael Sinclair's books can't be called rare but collectable copies aren't common in "the real world". Book collectors should be able to locate them via online booksellers though. They are all very reasonably priced as well. Readers are well catered for with paperback editions.
The author continued to write, including non-fiction, after the last book noted but not using this pseudonym

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