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Michael Poole Series Character: Freddie Brown - Jim Fanshaw

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Michael Poole Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Captain of Croxton 1926
The Taming of Peter Grell Pilgrim Press 1926 A school story
The Wrenbury Mysteries Pilgrim Press 1926
Emperor of the World Aldine Adventure 1927
The Bullies of Barnston Pilgrim Press 1928
The Duffer of Danby Nelson 1928
The Captain of Stannard's Blackie & Son 1928 illustrated by W.E. Wightman
“Well Bowled, Grantley!” Blackie 1929
Grimshaw of St. Kit's Cassell 1929
Dick Never-Say-Die 1929
Macklin of the Loyals Aldine A war story of the Western Front
The Real Thing T. Nelson 1930
The Wasps of Whitegate ? 1930 illustrated by J.R. Burgess
Quinton Kicks off! Cassell 1930
The Secret of Lotos Island Nisbet 1930
Under Ringwood's Rule Sampson Low 1930
Barnston's Big Year Blackie 1931 illustrated by F.H. Warren
Biddy's for Ever Cassell 1931
Brunton Wakes Up OUP 1934 Oxford University Press
Play to the Whistle! OUP 1934
Browne's First Case OUP 1935 Illustrated by Alfred Sindall
Revolution at Redways OUP 1935 Illustrated by Reginald Mills
Death Follows the Trail Andrew Melrose 1935
The Mystery of Cranston School Sampson Low 1935
Wake Up, Marston! Hutchinson 1935
Revolution at Redways OUP 1935
Browne Follows the Clue OUP 1936 Oxford University Press
Couriers of the Air Sampson Low 1936
The Cross Roads at Broxton 1936
Bancroft of the Grammar School OUP 1936
The Cranks of Marston Sheldon Press 1936
Detectives at Burnden School Sampson Low 1936
Scanlon's Air Scoops Sampson Low 1936
The Secret Service of the Air Sampson Low 1936
The Cross Roads at Broxton Boy's Own Paper 1936
Scanlon's Air Scoops 1937
Browne's £50,000 Mystery OUP 1937 illustrated by J. Phillips Paterson
Air Peril on the Amazon Sampson Low 1937
The Missing Bank Manager OUP 1938 illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop
Brunton comes Back OUP 1938
Dolphin Hits the Air Trail Ace Publishing 1938
Mystery at Merrilees OUP 1939 illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop
The Captain of Stannard's 1939
The Wagoner's Halt Mystery Blackie & Son 1940 illustrated by R.G.
Browne of the Secret Service OUP 1940 illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop
The Fate of the Flying Fram T. Nelson 1940 illustrated by Victor Cooley
The Gwythyn Clay Mystery 1940
The Last of Britain's Airmen T. Nelson 1941 illustrated by Victor Cooley
The Vanished Stamps Mystery OUP 1941
Browne Fights the Fifth Column OUP 1941
The Roll Film Mystery John Crowther 1941
The Mystery of Station XR Blackie 1944 Illustrated by Leo Bates
The Treasure of Looters' Isle Newnes 1946
Let Justice Be Done ! Mellifont Press 1946
Kinky Finds a Clue Newnes 1948
Peril on the Ridge Newnes 1948 Illustrated by Arnold Bond
Broxton's Silver Spur Newnes 1953 Illustrated by G. R. Boldero
The Real Thing Nelson 1955

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Michael Poole Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Poole, aka Reginald Heber Poole 1885-1959, is listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide although most of these books listed in the bibliography are not mystery fiction.
We've put together a complete list of books, rather than just those listed by Hubin, by Michael Poole using the British Library and the Bodleian in Oxford so this should be a complete bibliography.

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