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Michael Pereira Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Michael Pereira Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A River Grown Deep Hutchinson 1959 Not crime fiction
Mountains and a shore Geoffrey Bles 1966 A journey through Southern Turkey - non-fiction
An Angel Came Down Geoffrey Bles 1966
Stranger in the Land Geoffrey Bles 1967 Dust jacket design by Elisabeth Grant
An Echo from Silence Geoffrey Bles 1968
Istanbul: aspects of a city Geoffrey Bles 1968 Not crime fiction
The Fifth Answer Geoffrey Bles 1969
When One Door Shuts Geoffrey Bles 1969 DJ priced 21/-. Artwork by Craig Dodd
Pigeon's Blood Geoffrey Bles 1970 Dustwrapper priced 25s
East of Trebizond Geoffrey Bles 1971 Non-fiction, reprinted by Readers Union
The Singing Millionaire Collins Crime Club 1972
Across the Caucasus Geoffrey Bles 1973 Non-fiction, reprinted by Travel Book Club
Masquerade Collins Crime Club 1973
Second Cousin Twice Removed Collins Crime Club 1974
Brought to Bay Geoffrey Bles 1974
Equal Antagonisms Collins Crime Club 1975

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Michael Pereira Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Pereira is a pseudonym of Michael Nicholas O'Donnell who was born in 1928.
Book collectors should be able to put together a full set of Michael Pereira's books in dust jacket without too much trouble or great expense.

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