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Michael Kenyon Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

Michael Kenyon Series Character: Supt O'Malley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Michael Kenyon Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
May You Die in Ireland Collins Crime Club 1965 US: William Morrow 1965
US reissue: Fawcett World Library 1968
The Whole Hog Collins Crime Club 1967 US: William Morrow 1967 as
The Trouble with Series Three UK paperback: Fontana 1969
Out of Season Collins Crime Club 1968
Green Grass Macmillan 1969
The 100,000 Welcomes Collins Crime Club 1970 Dustwrapper artist Kenneth Farnhill, priced 25s
US: Coward 1970
Uk paperback: Fontana 1972
The Shooting of Dan McGrew Collins Crime Club 1972 Dust jacket photo by Margaret Murray
US: McKay Ives 1975
A Sorry State Collins Crime Club 1974 US: McKay Washburn 1974
Mr Big Collins Crime Club 1975 US: Coward McCann 1975
UK softcover: Fontana 1977
Brainbox & Bull: an adventure story Angus & Robertson 1976 UK paperback Collins 1976 (Lions)
The Rapist Collins Crime Club 1977 UK paperback: Sphere 1979
Deep Pocket Collins Crime Club 1978 US: Coward McCann 1978 as
The Molehill File

British paperback: Magnum Books 1979
Zigzag Collins Crime Club 1981
The Elgar Variation Coward, McCann 1981 NO UK book of this title (Zigzag?)
The God Squad Bod Collins Crime Club 1982 US: Doubleday Crime Club 1982 as
The Man at the Wheel
A Free-Range Wife Collins Crime Club 1983 US: Doubleday 1983
A Henry Peckover novel
A Healthy Way to Die Hodder & Stoughton 1986 Dust jacket priced 8.95
Peckover Holds the Baby Severn House 1988 US: Doubleday 1988
Kill the Butler! Macmillan 1991 US: St. Martin's Press 1993
A French Affair Andre Deutsch 1992 Dust jacket artwork by Richard Mason
US: St. Martin's Press 1993
Peckover Joins the Choir Macmillan 1994 US: St. Martin's Press 1994
Not in British Library
Chief Inspector Henry Peckover & Detective Jason Twitty
Peckover and the Bog Man Macmillan 1994 US: St Martins 1995

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Michael Kenyon Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Kenyon is a pseudonym of Daniel Forbes, born 1931 - died 2005, listed in Hubin his main series character is Superintendent O'Malley.
All of the books in this Michael Kenyon bibliography are relatively easy to find, online at least, and modestly priced, a full set of first edition books in dust jackets is a very realistic ambition.
We've included all the books held in the British Library and the US Library of Congress and goes beyond the scope of Hubin, this should be a complete list of books written by Michael Kenyon.

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