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Michael Home aka Christopher Bush

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Michael Home Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Return [A novel] William Morrow 1933 US edition in British Library, UK ?
God and the Rabbit Rich & Cowan 1934
In this Valley Rich & Cowan 1934
This String First Rich & Cowan 1935 Dustjwrapper artwork by Tansley
The Questing Man Rich & Cowan 1936
The Harvest is Past Rich & Cowan 1937
David Rich & Cowan 1937
July at Fritham Rich & Cowan 1938
The Place of Little Birds Methuen 1941
The House of Shade Methuen 1942
City of the Soul Methuen 1943
Autumn Fields Methuen 1944 Illustrations by Hellmuth Weissenborn
The Cypress Road Methuen 1945 Dust jacket artwork by C.W. Bacon
Sprung Sowing Methuen 1946 Illustrated by Hellmuth Weissenborn
The Strange Prisoner Methuen 1947
No Snow in Latching Methuen 1949
Grain of the Wood Methuen 1950
The Soundless Years Methuen 1951
The Brackenford Story Methuen 1952
The Auber File Methuen 1953
That was Yesterday Methuen 1955 Dustwrapper artwork by C.W. Bacon
Winter harvest a Norfolk Boyhood Macdonald 1967

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Michael Home Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Home is a pseudonym of Christopher Bush and is listed in Hubin.
Some of these Michael Home books were clearly very popular as they ran to multiple editions and book club editions too.
Unlike the books as Christopher Bush these are more readily available and a great deal cheaper, even the 1930s books in dust jacket.

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