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Michael Hastings Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in Deep Green Methuen 1952 Dust jacket by John Minton
The Coast of No Return Methuen 1953
The Digger of the Pit Methuen 1955
The Man Who Came Back Macdonald 1957 Reprinted by White Lion 1974
Twelve on Endurance Macdonald 1958 Dustwrapper by Toothill
An Hour Glass to Eternity Macdonald 1958 Reprinted Remploy 1978
The Voyage of the San Marcos Macdonald 1960
The Rising Sea Macdonald 1962
The Citadel of the Bats Macdonald 1962
The Port of Lost Cargoes Macdonald 1963
The Sands of Khali Macdonald 1964 Set in Saudi Arabia
Death Across the Tamagash Macdonald 1965 Set in Central America
The Green Silence Macdonald 1966
The Snake and the Arrow Macdonald 1967 Based in Brazil
Dangerous Oasis Macdonald 1968
The Killing in Black and White Macdonald 1969
Fire mountain Macdonald 1970
The Castle of Vengeance Macdonald 1971
Killer Road Macdonald 1972
Tiger Reef Macdonald 1973
Dragon Island Macdonald and Jane's 1974
Desert Convoy Macdonald 1975
River of Fate Macdonald 1976
The Trader of Skull Island Macdonald 1977 Dust jacket photo by Van Phillips
Satan's Bay Macdonald 1978 Set in New Guinea
The Puma Quest Macdonald 1979 Spies and jungle archaeology!
Veiled Isis Macdonald 1960 Set in Egypt

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Michael Hastings Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Hastings was born in 1937 or 1938 (two dates re British Library) and is listed in Allen J Hubin's Comprehensive Bibliography of Crime Fiction.
The list of books above is a complete list in order of all the author's books held in the British Library.
No American editions were published.
The Methuen first edition books are especially rare in dust jacket.

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