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Series Characters: Dave Cannon and Bob Eddison

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Smiling the Boy Fell Dead Macdonald 1967 US: Scribner 1967. A bibliomystery
The Devil Finds Work Collins Crime Club 1970 US: Scribner 1969
Die Like a Man Collins 1970 US: Scribner 1970
A Shadow of Himself Collins 1972 US: Scribner 1972
Bored to Death Scribner 1975 UK: Collins 1975 as A Wave of Fatalities
The China Expert Collins 1976 US: Scribner 1977
No Sign of Life Collins 1978 US Doubleday 1979

Michael Delving Biography - Further Information
Michael Delving, pseudonym of Jay Williams, was born in New York on 31st May 1914 and passed away in 1978. The vast bulk of his work was for children and written under his own name. Due to the nature of the site we have only listed his criminous work. The series characters were Dave Cannon and Bob Eddison. The books are especially of interest to those interested in antique and collectable based mysteries.

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