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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Soundless Scream John Long 1967
Walk Softly in Fear John Long 1968
Vanishing Act Collins Crime Club 1970 US title: The Uneasy Sun
Flowers for a Dead Witch Collins Crime Club 1971
The Black Look Collins Crime Club 1972 Set in Paris
Villa on the Shore Collins Crime Club 1973
The Man in the Sopwith Camel Collins Crime Club 1974
Remains to be Seen Collins Crime Club 1976
Festival Collins Crime Club 1976 Dust jacket priced at 2.95
The Time of the Hawklords Aidan Ellis 1976 Sci Fi with Michael Moorcock
Space 1999 : the time fighters W.H. Allen 1977 TV series Tie in book
The Psychomorph W.H. Allen 1977
Space 1999 : planets of peril Alan Wingate 1977 TV series Tie in book
Space 1999 : the space-jackers W.H. Allen 1977 TV series Tie in book
Queens of Deliria WH Allen 1977 Based on an idea by Michael Moorcock.
X marks the Spot Collins Crime Club 1978 "A symphony in black in four movements"
The Savoy Book Savoy 1978 Edited by David Britton & Michael Butterworth
Mind-Breaks of Space Alan Wingate 1978
Goodbye, Pussy Collins Crime Club 1979 Michael Butterworth as Sarah Kemp
US title: Over the Edge
The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Collins Crime Club 1983 "A novel of the 1920's in the black manner"
Virgin on the Rocks Collins Crime Club 1985
No Escape Century 1985 Michael Butterworth as Sarah Kemp
Sweet Lure of Death Century 1986 Michael Butterworth as Sarah Kemp
A Doctor Tina May mystery thriller
The Five Million Dollar Prince Collins Crime Club 1986
What Dread Hand Century 1987 Michael Butterworth as Sarah Kemp
A Doctor Tina May mystery thriller

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Michael Butterworth Author Biography - Information About the Author
Michael Butterworth was born in 1924 (British library sometimes states 1925?) and died in 1986, he also wrote as Sarah Kemp (Hubin states "Sara") and Carola Salisbury.
Book collectors shuld be able to put together a full set of Michael Butterworth's crime fiction books in dust jacket, and at reasonable prices too, some titles are very common indeed. Past experience, for example, showed Virgin on the Rocks to be unsellable . . .

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