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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Kill Him Quickly It's Raining Pocket 1966  
Another Day Another Stiff Pocket 1967  
Dead Upstairs in a Tub Pocket 1967  
An Ear for Murder Pocket 1967  
The Flight of the Stiff Pocket 1967  
Turn Blue You Murderers Pocket 1967  
We the Killers Pocket 1967  
Death of a Hippie Pocket 1968  
Lie a Little Die a Little Pocket 1968  
Slit My Throat Gently Pocket 1968  
Diamond Kill Berkley 1977  

Further Information
Michael Brett, born 1921 (not 1928 re author's daughter) in America has one series character who appears in all but the last book, Pete McGrath. To the best of my knowledge they only saw US release. There was another novel, Jungle published in 1976 by Dell, though this is a non-mystery title. We know little lese of this author, NOTE: this is not the pseudonym used by Miles Tripp.

Later edit:
Hello, I am writing to provide you with some information about the author, Michael Brett, who is my Father and passed away in 2000. First, the Pete McGrath series was published all over the world; I have a few copies of books published in Brazil and Italy. I remember many times growing up where we would receive a box of books in other languages. The first 2 detective novels were written under the name Mike Brett, Scream Street and also The Guilty Bystander. There are many,many short stories in numerous Alfred Hitchkock magazines and anthologies. There are hardcover novels; Toma; A biography of David Toma and Diamond Kill.


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