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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Voice of the Corpse Joseph 1948  
The King and the Corpse Joseph 1949  
No Duty on a Corpse Joseph 1950 US: The Queen and the Corpse
The Neat Little Corpse Joseph 1951  
The Right Honourable Corpse Joseph 1952  
Good Luck to the Corpse Joseph 1953  
The Doctor and the Corpse Joseph 1953  
The Sunshine Corpse Joseph 1954 No US edition
Royal Bed for a Corpse Joseph 1955  
Breakfast with a Corpse Joseph 1956 US: A Corpse for Breakfast
Twilight at Dawn Joseph 1957 No US edition
Wait for a Corpse Joseph 1957  

Further Information
Max Murray was born in Australia in 1901 and worked as an reporter and screenwriter. He wrote ten criminous books, two non-criminous and a play. Up until 1954 the US editions precede the English, from then on the UK precedes. Some titles were not published in America and there are two alternative titles, all duly noted above. He died in 1956.


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