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Maurice B Dix Bibliography

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Maurice B Dix - 1889 - 1956
Series Characters:Superintendent Simon Bullion - Tommy Malins - Anthony Mornington
George Hawkins - Inspector James Miller Sexton Blake

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
Books published in the same year may not be chronologically exact in some cases

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Twisted Evidence Ward Lock 1933
Murder at Grassmere Abbey Ward Lock 1933
The Fleetwood Mansions Mystery Ward Lock 1934
The Flame of the Khan Ward Lock 1934
The Dartmoor Mystery Ward Lock 1934
The Golden Fluid Ward Lock 1935
Emily Coulton Dies Ward Lock 1936 Dust jacket artist: Nina Miller Davidson
Third Degree Gramol Publications 1936 Book undated according to the British Library
The Fixer Ward Lock 1936
The Treasure of Scarland Ward Lock 1936
Beacons of Death Ward Lock 1937
The Kidnapped Scientist Ward Lock 1937
This Is My Murder Ward Lock 1938
Prologue to Murder Ward Lock 1938
Murder Strikes Twice Ward Lock 1939
The Night Assassin Robert Hale 1941
The Masinglee Murders Robert Hale 1947
A Lady Richly Left Staples Press 1951

Maurice B Dix Biography ~ Sample
The author also wrote books for the pulp paperback series The Sexton Blake Library, these not included above
Collectors should be aware that later issues of Ward Lock titles sometimes state "First Edition" on the copyright page though they can be later printings
Check the dates of other titles listed on the dust jacket.
The books are scarce in jacket, even the later Robert Hale titles as most of those went to public libraries
The hardback books were not published in America

A Sample

By MAURICE B. DIX "Your testimony is that you recovered from the drug first, and dis-covered a dead man, two drugged friends, and a bridge-table at which you had never played. To pass on Mitchell comes round next, and you support his evidence. Next, Mr. Haynes comes to, and his evidence is doubly supported." The Chief Inspector paused and looked deliberately at Tommy Randall. " How if the authorities take the view-point, Mr. Randall, that you were not drugged at all, that you drugged the other two and shot Colonel Moore ? . . . Answer me that ! "


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